US Economy: All Systems Go… Or a Failure to Launch???


With most states now in full-swing with their re-openings phases, it’s time to start assessing how it’s going–from an economic rather than viral perspective.

Are we seeing a bang for our “buck” as we shift from virus mitigation to economic rebuilding?

In this episode, we examine some of the economic data coming out and find that, Houston, we have a problem.

As many have argued, we are not seeing a V-shaped recovery in the real economy (discounting the uncoupled, fed-fueled financial markets). Are we headed for launch failure???

We argue it’s a demand problem… one that won’t be resolved until we either (a) have a permanent and effective solution for the virus or (b) everyone feels comfortable returning to their pre-Covid life.


Judging from the look of things, neither of these appears to be happening any time soon.

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