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Israeli Airstrikes on Damascus while World Focus on US Chaos—Final Warning?

At the very moment world was focused on U.S. Capital chaos, Israeli airstrikes pounded areas around Damascus—final warning for fulfilment of Isaiah 17:1 prophecy?

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Food Shortages Coming—NWO Great Food Supply Reset Is Here

Food shortages and soaring prices are coming! Like a one-two punch, the New World Order elites are doubling down on their socioeconomic Great Reset by targeting the global food supply to radically transform the world and usher in their demonic plan for a global technocracy with absolute control of the masses. Here’s what you need to know…

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Russia Saber Rattling—A Case of Misdirection Setting Stage for Middle East War?

Does Russian saber rattling simply point to rising tensions with US… or reveal carefully orchestrated misdirection in advance of a war in the Middle East?

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Antichrist Rising: Jewish Rabbis Now in Communication with Their “Messiah”???

Orthodox Jewish rabbis say they are talking to their “Messiah” who will shortly be revealed… Or, is it really the coming antichrist? Here’s what you need to know…

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Russia-China Military Alliance: Global Threat Level Continues to Rise

Russian President Vladimir Putin raises specter of a Russia-China military alliance… confirming deepening Moscow-Beijing partnership & rising global threat level.

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