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Marxism Exposed: Prepare for the Next American Revolution

America’s future is uncertain at this moment—clouded by the endless beat of progressive (actually regressive) drums as the foot soldiers of religious fanaticism march on toward their goal of change at any cost under the banner of Marxism. Hyperbole? Not really. We saw a similar transformational process unfold in America’s first Revolution (the Civil War), and now we’re seeing it again. What does it mean for us? First and foremost, it means we better be prepping, and we better understand the enemy and the threat it poses.

In this article, we are going to address the threat we and our nation face—radical Marxism. To understand where we are heading and what the possible outcomes are, it is critical that we understand the enemy—meaning, what are its beliefs, goals, and methods.

First, we’ll examine the three tenets of Marxism. Second, we’ll explore the faith proposition it offers to potential converts—and why we correctly label it religious extremism (or a cult). Finally, we’ll bring it all together to reveal the potential destination we are rushing headlong towards. In other words, why we should be prepping like there’s no tomorrow. (There will be a tomorrow—but it may not be a pretty one!)

The Three Fundamental Tenets (Presuppositions) of Marxism

You may not be completely familiar with Marxist ideology—or believe it really poses a threat to us in America. But you would be painfully mistaken—it is alive and well in our country. In fact, it has been directly influencing our nation since the Fabian Socialist takeover of the Democrat Party in 1930s.

Let’s examine the three fundamental tenets (or presuppositions) of Marxism and see how they relate to our nation.

Change Is Progress

The first presupposition of Marxism is that all change is progressive—it serves a beneficial role in pushing humanity towards our ultimate destiny of a utopian communist world.

Marxist Tenet #1: All Change Is Positive

The Fabians believe this change (or progress) can be guided through education and politics, while the Marxist-Leninist believes that it must be accomplished by force—at the end of a gun barrel.

Again, according to this worldview, there can be no progress without change and all change is beneficial progress. There is no such thing as negative or bad change—whether it involves violence and bloodshed (intentional or otherwise) or not.

Riots in the streets? Business burned to the ground? Historical statues toppled?

For the Marxist, it all represents progress toward their ultimate goal via change. Marxists hate stability and historical anchors—it is, according to their belief system, the very antithesis of societal (aka socialist) progress.

Gut-wrenching violence?

Well, that is either an inevitable part of change (to be welcomed and embraced) or—for the Marxist-Leninist faction—a fundamental requirement to precipitate (force) that beneficial, progressive change.

Our World (Nature) Acts Dialectically

The second presupposition of Marxism is that nature acts dialectically.

Marxist Tenet #2: Nature Acts Dialectically

This means nothing moves in a straight line. Rather, it is an ebb and flow… two steps forward one step back. (Where do you think China and the Maoists got the strategy from?)

Progress towards the ultimate utopian state of global communism and a perfected humanity is accomplished through stages. Each stage represents growing conflict between opposing forces (a thesis and an anti-thesis). This conflict culminates in a crisis that produces change—or progress to the next stage.

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However, within these stages, progress is neither linear nor random. Rather, it is dialectic—there is an ebb and flow within the supposed broader and inevitable path of progress.

This concept can be seen in the name of Spooky Dude Soros’ Tides Foundation. A tide is a perfect illustration of dialectic motion. Waves crash on the beach, and then temporarily retreat back into the surf. However, there is a relentless and inevitable direction to tides—each crashing wave moves further and further onto the shore. The retreats serve only as an opportunity to build even greater energy and momentum.

That’s the dialectic action of history according to Marxism.

When opportunity arises to create change and advance progress, you push hard. Then, as you meet with resistance, you let of the gas. You allow the wave of progress to temporarily retreat… where it begins to build momentum for the next push (which will be even stronger and reach even further) when opportunity arises.

It can be thought of as a ratchet. You turn a socket wrench, tightening a bolt. However, it is not a continues process. Rather, you only rotate the wrench handle so far, and then you rotate the other direction—the ratchet mechanism locks in the progress you made. Once you have “re-armed,” you then begin to tighten the bolt further with another advance of the handle.

That’s dialectic motion and that’s the Marxist way.

Change IS both Conflict and the Mark of Progress

The third presupposition of Marxism builds on the first two—conflict is the essence of progress.

Marxist Tenet #3: Conflict Is the Essence of Progress

As we noted, all progress is change and all change is progress. However, what creates the change?

Conflict creates it.

Again, Marxism views history as the inevitable flow of humanity towards an ultimate (perfected) utopian state of communism. This dialectic flow is realized through stages (defined by economics). To progress from one stage to the next requires change and it is conflict that powers that change.

Change represents growing potential energy generated by an escalating conflict between opposing views—the new (thesis) and the old (anti-thesis). When this conflict reaches a climax, change (progress) occurs—the potential energy is unleashed as kinetic energy. No conflict—no change (progress).

This is why the Democrat Party (comprised of Fabian Socialists) injects identity politics, the race card, and class warfare into everything it possibly can—they are stoking the fires of conflict. They believe that when this conflict reaches a climax, it will unleash change and usher in progress—the next great step forward.

Furthermore, within this stage, they act dialectically… pushing when opportunity arises (aka never let a good crisis go to waste), and temporarily pulling back (or relaxing) when they meet conservative resistance—playing the “we can peacefully co-exist” or “can’t we just get along” card (a Leninist strategy embodied by such terms as détente, perestroika and glasnost).

Finally, Marxism views violence and bloodshed as an inseparable part of this conflict. The Fabian Socialists view it as an acceptable (if not inevitable) and natural byproduct of the process, while the Marxist-Leninists view it as a necessary requirement—one that must be present (i.e., injected) to force the change (progress) needed to reach the next stage.

The Marxist manifesto could be summed up as “All change—regardless of violence or bloodshed and by violence or bloodshed when necessary—is a good thing… and required for humanity to progress towards its ultimate, utopian, global communist destiny.”

Remember, where do you think President Obama got “hope and change” from! (He was a Marxist)

Marxist Religion: The Faith Proposition

Despite the Marxist desire to eliminate the supernatural (theistic) from our collective minds, Marxism is—make no mistake about it—a religion.

It is a faith-based proposition. It offers a worldview that, in order to be fully embraced, must be accepted based on faith—no different than any other religion.

Let’s explore the faith proposition inherent in Marxism…

All Change Is Positive?

The Marxist belief that all change is good, beneficial, and positive must be accepted based entirely on faith.

The Religion of Marxism: Faith Proposition #1

There is no way to “prove” this idea is actually true.

In fact, it flies in the face of both (1) nature and (2) dialectic thought.

First, let’s set aside God and absolute truth for the moment and step inside the materialistic humanism of Marxism. In nature, there is an almost inescapable yin and yang to life. You can never have one extreme without the other—a balance is always present between opposing forces and there is a cycle between extremes.

Thus, when Marxists suggest that there is only positive change, without the existence of a balancing (opposite) negative change—they do so purely on the basis of faith alone. It is completely inconsistent with the materialistic, natural world they claim to have built their worldview upon.

Furthermore, the Second Law of Thermodynamics and the concept of entropy declares that all manifestations of higher order invariably degrade to lower orders over time—never the other way around. This represents a natural environment that is at its core regressive—not progressive.

One needs to look no further than biological mutation (change)—a trending topic given the current pandemic crisis. While there are occasional mutations that are beneficial to an organism, the vast majority are not beneficial (positive), meaning they either (1) provide no added value or (2) are harmful (destructive) to the organism. To argue that all mutations (change) are positive can only be done from a position of faith—not from one of reason, logic, or intuition.

Ask a Marxist how death (the greatest of all changes) is a positive thing. You’ll be amazed at the tortured explanation they try in vain to provide. But it should come as no surprise, as it is the same tortured explanation that they use to justify the murder of hundreds of millions of people around the globe—not to mention the innumerable unborn lives. But that’s what relativism provides for humanity.

Second, the belief that all change is inherently good is at odds with the very dialectic framework of Marxism.

This framework argues for a yin and yang—a conflict between a thesis and an antithesis. Within this system, there is change that flows in both directions—as per the presupposition that history is not purely linear. While the yang may be stronger than the yin for Marxists, it does not mean yin does not exist.

As such, all change (even from a relative perspective—one embraced by Marxism) cannot be positive and beneficial. Yes, some change—that change which advances humanity to the next stage—may be progressive; however, there is at least some degree of change acknowledged within their very framework that expresses the anti-thesis—meaning, it is not progressive and, therefore, not positive.

For example, was the election of Trump a positive change for Marxists? If so, why does it so enrage the Left? Why is it characterized as a negative—a step in the wrong direction?

Was Reagan’s opposition to communism during the Cold War a positive change for the Marxists? Clearly, it was not—they viewed it as regressive… not progressive.

Thus, to argue that all change is positive (i.e., there can be no change which is bad or negative) requires an acceptance by faith alone—it (1) violates the underlying philosophies of the worldview (e.g., naturalism and materialism) and  (2) is patently disingenuous (i.e., it conflicts with actual actions and behaviors of Marxists in the real world).

Finally, if all change is positive, then it necessarily demands that there can be absolutely no negative in life at all. For if anything negative did exist, then it would mean that it would have to be the result of some change at some point in time. And if no negative exists, then we already exist in a perfected state and the Marxist can go home and retire. That’s about as irrational as it gets—and an example of how far down the rabbit hole of irrationalism a Marxist has to go in blind faith.

This is precisely what Nietzsche was trying to explain to humanity when he acknowledged that “God is dead” in the intellectual community (the fountainhead of Marxism)—namely the shear depth of irrationality that is the necessary product of denying the supernatural (God). If there is no God, then man cannot be rational—one is rooted in the other. What would the standard for rationality be???

As Nietzsche correctly posited, Marxism inevitably and necessarily leads to irrationalism--one cannot have a rational man without a theological man.

Thus, modern humanity, devoid of a supernatural God, is left to wallow in the misery of irrationalism—or, join in the tortured mental gymnastics of Marxism, which attempts to convince itself that its inherent and inescapable irrationalism is somehow rational. Nietzsche—unlike Feuerbach, Marx, and Hegel—was just intellectually honest enough to recognize that irrationalism is the inescapable outcome… and simply accepted that truth for what it is.

Dialectical Process Will (1) Terminate & (2) Usher in a Perfect State

Last but not least, the belief that the Marxist dialectical process will (1) terminate and (2) usher in a perfected state (viz., a global communist utopia) cannot be proven—it must be accepted by faith alone.

The Religion of Marxism: Faith Proposition #2

First, there is nothing that demonstrates “progress” will terminate at some point in the future—reaching a steady state. Humanity has been evolving (or devolving) for thousands of years (hundreds of thousands of years if you accept the evolutionary belief system of the Marxist)—with no indication that it will ever cease its evolutionary march.

From a naturalistic and materialistic perspective (one embraced by Marxism), there is absolutely nothing in nature—in the entire Cosmos—that indicates there is a final destination. Rather, existence is just an endless journey. Stars are born and die, galaxies are born and die, universes are born and die—all becoming the “fuel” for the next evolutionary phase or creative act.

For example, science argues that our Big Bang may have just been the Big Collapse of another, previous universe. The very atoms in our body have their origins in former stars, galaxies, and universes.

Now, from the perspective of a biblical worldview, this is clearly not the case. However, that is a moot point for Marxists because they wholly reject the supernatural (theistic). According to their own philosophical framework, the reality is that everything points to the utter absence of a static and/or terminal destination for humanity—or the natural world (cosmos) that humanity occupies.

Thus, a belief that the dialectic process will terminate is embraced by faith alone.

The Religion of Marxism: Faith Proposition #3

Second, the notion that it will terminate in a perfected state is, again, a matter of pure faith.

There is nothing that proves this is the case. Again, the laws of nature indicate that entropy demands just the opposite—a continual degeneration from higher order into lower order. Thus, it is just as likely that the passage of time for humanity could result in utter chaos, disorder, and disfunction—not perfection.

Man, in rebellion against God, has been striving to achieve perfection since the Fall. Have we gotten any closer to achieving it? History only reveals an endless string of broken and discarded “counterfeit” belief systems—all of which have utterly failed, only to be replaced with even more disfunction ones (e.g., rationalism, romanticism, transcendentalism, Marxism, process philosophy, modernism, post-modernism, new ageism, etc.).

Finally, Marxists believe that the final stage of progress is global socialism. From this structure, a terminal state will emerge—a global, utopian, communist steady state of perfect equality.

But this begs the question: If authoritarian power is required to establish and necessary to maintain a global socialist system, precisely what mechanism will cause those in control of it to relinquish their power for a wholly egalitarian system of total equality (aka theoretical communism)?

The Marxist has no answer for that. Again, they simply believe on faith that it will somehow happen.

Sadly, the only true constant is the realization that any and every attempt to extricate God from the human equation has only resulted in further regression—not progression. And every step in the graveyard spiral has moved humanity further from perfection—not closer to it.

This is precisely why Marxism has only managed to lead to the murder of hundreds of millions of people under cruel and intolerant authoritarian/totalitarian regimes—not fairytale socialist countries where equality has progressed and flourished.

Be not deceived, Marxism is a religion—one predicated on a belief system that (1) requires the acceptance of foundational tenets on the basis of faith alone and (2) demands absolute and unquestionable devotion to that faith. You surrender your independence, spirit, and critical thinking skills (aka brain) when you check in. As such, it is correctly labeled as a cult—and a terrorist one at that based on its presuppositions regarding violence.

It represents the ultimate manifestation of Satan’s counterfeit system.

In the end, despite all of man’s impassioned but feeble efforts, humanity cannot escape the supernatural (theistic)—it is an immutable truth and reality. You will either embrace God or Satan… and attempting to ignore that reality via naturalistic, materialistic, and humanistic philosophies is merely the passive embracing of Satan and his counterfeit (and, ultimately, defeated) system.

Marxism in America: Where Are We Headed?

The Marxist influence over America was secured in the 1930s by the Fabian Socialist takeover of the Democratic Party. They have never looked back since.

They seek at every opportunity to create conflict—conflict that will generate change.

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What change isn’t important—they believe ALL change is positive and progressive in nature.

They just want, seek, and demand change for the sake of change because they “believe” it will always be beneficial.

How that change is generated isn’t important—they believe change is conflict and conflict is change. As such, violence and bloodshed are inherent in change—it is an inescapable byproduct of progress. And, for the Marxist-Leninist (e.g., Antifa), it is not just a byproduct—it (via the use of force) is required to facilitate change.

Furthermore, they will never settle for less than their ultimate goal—global socialism, which they believe (based on faith) will ultimately usher in the terminal, perfected utopia… a global communistic steady-state.

While things may ebb and flow, this worldview cannot co-exist with others. They just want you to believe that so we will let our collective guard down… providing the next opportunity for them to ratchet up the conflict as humanity presses on toward the next progressive leap between stages.

We are headed for a revolution—a third American Revolution.

The cards were dealt a long time ago. All that remains is for the hand to be played out.

We can delay the inevitable… but it will ultimately have to be dealt with. It cannot be avoided forever—the enemy has not afforded us that option.

And with every pause in the conflict, with every temporary delay achieved, the enemy only becomes stronger—recruiting more brainwashed foot soldiers to the cult and securing more academic, political, and financial power.

It is a global battle… but it has finally come to Mainstreet America. Welcome to the battle over the new world order.

Can the battle be won?

I believe it can. However, it will require an acknowledgment on the part of Americans that this conflict is both real and not going to just go away… it will have to be resolved.

What will that resolution look like?

Will it be a violent revolution like the Civil War, which was—at its core—an ideological battle fought over replacing federalism with nationalism—not slavery?

Or, will it be a peaceful democratic revolution like the 1930s—one waged in the political arena via the ballot box (the preferred method of the Fabians)?

I think the third revolution will be somewhere in between—an ongoing, fragmented civil war. It will be waged in the political sphere, but it will also be waged on the street—resulting in random violence and bloodshed.

I lean this way because the Fabians have been unable over the past century to deliver the coveted prize via their preferred Marxist methodology… and the patience of the radical Marxist-Leninists has run out.

The Leninists (aka Marxist extremists) will increasingly push their change (progress) by force—by gun, baseball bat, Molotov cocktail, brick, and/or intimidation (e.g., the cancel culture). And the power wielded by this extremist network around the world is massive—it can pump an enormous amount of money, training, and support into the rising number of Marxist-Leninist cells now operating and recruiting in America.

Remember, the revolution of the 1930s was entirely facilitated by Fabians. This time around, there is a massive radical element—more akin to the environment that spawned our first revolution (the Civil War).

That revolution cost us over a million lives—violence and bloodshed that was justified in the name of progress (the ends always justify the mean). Again, not progress related to the issue of slavery, but, rather, related to political ideology—namely, the shape and form of our system of government.

The nationalism that emerged from the transformation (change) prepared the soil for the next step… national socialism in America and, ultimately, global socialism.

There is no longer anywhere to hide. Per the declared strategy of Lenin himself, America has finally been surrounded and infiltrated by Marxism.

We must now turn and face our enemy. It is sink or swim time for we the people—of all backgrounds and persuasions. It is the battle of all battles—the culmination of a philosophical and ideological war that has been raging since the dawn of the Enlightenment—and it must be fought. Revolution has arrived again in America—and the future of the world hangs in the balance.

Conclusion: What Does It All Mean for Us?

In the end, we must all embrace the possibility that things could get worse… much worse.

We are entering a revolutionary period—one in which the outcomes are both (1) uncertain and (2) may involve physical (even if fragmented) civil conflict.

If you think things are bad now… just imagine what America will look like if the radical Left seizes control of the White House, Congress, and Senate in November (a strong possibility). There will no longer be any balance—no check against the progressive (regressive) movement. The Marxists (both Fabians & Leninists) will have unfettered access to continue their systematic transformation of our nation into a socialist cesspool—the lynchpin of their global socialist dreams.

America has been in the Marxist crosshairs since Lenin targeted the US as “the last great bastion of capitalism.” They have always believed that if the US fell, so would the rest of the world—leading to the final Marxist stage (global socialism), which would cure all of humanities woes (viz., global inequality). From there, the ultimate global utopian communist state would emerge—humanity perfected for all eternity.

Alas, in the end, it is not about solving global inequality. That is just the vehicle used to sell the lie (no different than Satan’s strategy in the Garden of Eden)—it is about power and control… on a global level.

Ask yourself this… do you really think Satan is interested in global equality or a utopian paradise? Of course not… and neither are his human pawns.

Understand that it is highly likely that—as a result of this cultural/ideological revolution (civil war 2.0), the ongoing pandemic crisis, and the collapsing economy (with a depression now a very real possibility)—many of the systems and institutions that we have grown to rely on will be negatively impacted.

In fact, the Marxists will cease the opportunity provided by the pandemic and resulting economic collapse to punch the throttle even harder. That’s why we’ve consistently warned that we are in the midst of a perfect storm.

I hear conservatives genuinely express how they can’t believe the Left would politicize a health emergency or take advantage of it? Of course they would! If you understood the enemy, you wouldn’t be surprised in the least.

Again, for them, all change is good change, and all change is progress—no matter how it is achieved or what the costs may be (the ends always justify the means for a Marxist). It is relativism taken to an extreme. There is no moral (theistic) or rational (naturalistic) absolute standard to judge themselves against. It is all relative for a Marxist, who only sees—by faith—apparent “progress” towards a utopian pipedream… the perfected communist terminal state (the ends).

Given this environmental reality, we must strive to ensure that we are in as defensible a position as possible, meaning, maximizing our self-reliance. This will provide us with a buffer to insulate us (even if to a limited degree) from these outside forces that will seek to act upon us.

Furthermore, we encourage you to network with likeminded preppers—especially in your immediate vicinity. There will be strength in numbers—both in terms of mutual defense and diversity of skills and supplies.

As we always assert, it is about skewing the risk-reward curve as much in our favor as possible and putting as much terrain as possible between us and the enemy.

We must fight the threat… but we must do it from a position of strength—not fear and weakness.

Fear and weakness are the hooks the enemy will use to draw people in and entrap them. It only leads to the appeasement mentality. But you cannot appease an enemy bent on total, unconditional power and control—no more so than the world could appease Hitler and the Nazi movement. It is a fool’s errand.

Instead, the only path to victory and survival is to stand our ground and defend it with a passion and a purpose… to fight the good fight backed by truth and knowledge.

The first step is being properly prepared so we can live and fight on our own terms.

Take advantage of the “dialectic” lulls in the conflict to strengthen your preps—there will be periods coming when it will be difficult to do so.

Don’t silence that tiny voice in your heart, we all hear it. Don’t ignore that feeling in your gut, we all feel it. Take action today to prepare yourself and your family for a potentially ugly and dangerous period before us.

Lastly, educate yourself. Know your enemy and thyself. Understand what they believe—and know what you believe (and, more importantly, why you believe it). This is a battle over truth—it will ultimately be won or lost through people’s hearts and minds. Truth will set us free—but that will require effort on our part to acquire it, accept it, and share it.

To learn more about what the root of America’s real problem is, the Marxist threat, and where we could be headed as a nation… checkout our article Economic Inequality & Legal Plunder: Reform, Revolution or Collapse?

As always, hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and—in all things—pray!

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Doug is a passionate servant of Christ and holds an MBA, BBA (Summa Cum Laude), and AAcc from Liberty University, as well as an additional two years of study at Bible college. He has over 20-years of corporate finance, accounting, and operations management experience—spanning the public, private and nonprofit sectors. He is proud to have served his country as a member of the 82nd Airborne Division and his local communities as a firefighter/EMT and reserve peace officer—experience that has provided him with a unique skill-set when it comes to emergency medicine, firearms, crisis management, and wilderness survival. Doug enjoys playing the drums, prepping, and spending time with family—especially in the Outer Banks of NC.