We’re Witnessing the Greatest Redistribution of Wealth in History by Powell & the Fed!

The middle class in America is being decimated by the greatest wealth redistribution in history–with generational consequences.

While everyone is focused on the Left’s attempts to take from the “rich” and give to the poor, everyone is missing the slight-of-hand that has massive amounts of wealth being fleeced from the middle class and given to the top 1% and big business–thanks to Jerome Powell and the Fed (Robinhood of the elites), as well as the Trump administration.

Never let a good crisis go to waste–and it works on both sides of the aisle! In this video, we explore the collapsing economy, the unseen (but massive) redistribution of wealth, and what you can do about it.

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Doug is a passionate servant of Christ and holds an MBA, BBA (Summa Cum Laude), and AAcc from Liberty University, as well as an additional two years of study at Bible college. He has over 20-years of corporate finance, accounting, and operations management experience—spanning the public, private and nonprofit sectors. He is proud to have served his country as a member of the 82nd Airborne Division and his local communities as a firefighter/EMT and reserve peace officer—experience that has provided him with a unique skill-set when it comes to emergency medicine, firearms, crisis management, and wilderness survival. Doug enjoys playing the drums, prepping, and spending time with family—especially in the Outer Banks of NC.